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Microsoft incorporated ad free premium into office 365

premium was launched in April this year. It is an ad free, independent domain service. Microsoft announced that it will terminate this service and integrate it into office 365 to provide office 365 personal and home users with increased online storage space

Microsoft announced that it would terminate the premium service of outlo without advertising in China's plastic machinery market and incorporate it into office 365

premium, which was launched only in April this year, is an advertising free service with independent domains of $49.5 per year. After the merger, users must subscribe to office 365 personal or home services to use ad free services. After the merger, the online storage space will be increased from the existing 12gb to 50GB. Through the latest merger, Microsoft hopes to encourage more users to adopt its office 365 service. 4. If the operating mechanism is found to be inoperative

for the above two consumer office 365 users, there are more services without advertisements, including attachment scanning and link checking. Prior to this, the office 365 Consumer Edition did not include exchange mail services by default as the enterprise edition. Microsoft said it would continue to add other functions in the coming months

however, according to the Microsoft support page, the independent domain service will be limited to existing premium customers and will not be provided to new customers. The original customers need to update their contracts to retain the service since 2012

this new change will start next month. Microsoft will start the mailbox for office 365 users, and the login email is @, @, @ and @. But if you access other email mailboxes, such as Gmail or yac Capacity segmentation: for auto ranghoo and other mail mailboxes, their accounts cannot use the security protection function

in addition, in order to improve the access speed, Microsoft also announced that it had moved user data between its data centers. Originally, user data was stored in the account setting regional data center, but now it has moved to the data center close to the user's region

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