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Dan Lingjun said: here, you can learn new knowledge of open source of various Microsoft platforms, obtain many wonderful contents brought by Microsoft partners, and understand in simple terms how to deploy open source technology on Microsoft cloud through practical cases. Yes, what Dan Lingjun said is Microsoft opendev! This cloud open source technology seminar, initiated by Microsoft headquarters and co hosted by Microsoft's open source partners, will be launched on time at 0:00 tonight! So many dry goods, so many big guys, don't sign up soon, and play with open source technology with us

this Microsoft opendev live broadcast will be led by John gossman, chief architect of Microsoft cloud, to enter the new world of Microsoft's open source

the content includes the practice of RedHat on azure, canonical on azure, docker hybrid Cloud Architecture, the application of pivot cloud foundation in the modern enterprise environment, the integration of Java's co architecture, chef on azure for Devops, DEIS kubernete, and the load can no longer rise. The analysis of s Container Management Platform and helm, steward, Kops suite, And how Skype can serve users all over the world by deploying Linux infrastructure in azure

in addition, we also invite well-known domestic partners RedHat expert Hong Tao, RedHat expert Wang Lei, lingqueyun architect Daniel morinigo, Microsoft open source cloud market manager he Yankan, Microsoft technical consultant Li Zheng, Microsoft cloud computing enterprise division chief R & D Manager Miao Jin, and Microsoft cloud technology Architect Wang Tian to introduce you in detail the rapid use of Java, the establishment of your first container microservice solution Using various open source technologies you are already familiar with and combining Devops to make rapid nine different demos can eventually be used for product iteration in production according to the mixed model order, so that your existing services can be more effectively managed, developed and maintained, and have a long-term outlook in China's new energy vehicle industry

broadcast this open source technology feast for everyone in Beijing synchronously, so that you can enjoy the live technical broadcast of international celebrities while absorbing first-hand information from domestic technical experts, play with open source technology, and quickly expand and deploy your solutions on Microsoft open source cloud azure

at 0:00 tonight, global synchronization is the leading enterprise in China's graphene industry live broadcast

time: June 22, 2017 00:00 am Beijing time

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