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Microsoft will donate 1billion dollars of cloud computing services to non-governmental organizations

cloud computing and cloud services are the core pillar businesses of Microsoft in the future. A few days ago, Microsoft announced that it would donate $1billion worth of cloud computing services free of charge to non-profit organizations, charities, universities and other organizations, such as car hoses, air ducts, diaphragms, rollers and vibration damping equipment for laser printers

Microsoft said that the donation plan will be implemented within three years. Bradsmith, the president and chief legal officer of Microsoft, said in a blog post that within the first year of the implementation of the plan, Microsoft will provide technical support to manufacturers of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcome to call and consult 10000 non-governmental organizations to provide free cloud computing services, with a market value of $350million

Microsoft CEO NADELLA said that through this donation plan, Microsoft hopes that non-profit organizations and charitable organizations can use public cloud computing services, including Microsoft products, with a lower threshold

NADELLA pointed out in a blog post: if cloud computing has become the most important technological transformation in our era, how can we ensure that the outside world can enjoy the benefits brought by cloud computing? If only wealthy regions can enjoy big data, business intelligence, analysis and other services brought by mobile platforms and cloud computing services, what consequences will this lead to

the cloud computing services donated by Microsoft include azure and office365, which are the core products of Microsoft

not long ago, Microsoft followed Google and other peers and established an independent department responsible for charity affairs within the company. This cloud computing donation plan will also be supervised and implemented by this department, which is mostly difficult or impossible with existing injection molding technology

the above-mentioned Microsoft executive Smith said that through this donation measure, charities, universities and other units around the world will be able to use the most advanced cloud computing technology to solve the most urgent problems facing the world

at present, cloud computing has become a stage for Internet giants to compete. Amazon is far ahead in the industry, and Microsoft, Google, IBM and other companies are catching up. Not long ago, Amazon and Google also had the latest round of product price war. Third party data shows that Microsoft does not have an advantage in the cloud computing market share, and Microsoft needs to take more measures to promote its own cloud computing and cloud services

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