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Trinity: pioneer and inheritor of dreams

Guide: Chinese dream, Trinity dream. Persistence, effort, gratitude, and starting again. The growth experience of Sany runs through many factors to realize the dream, the deep hope and support of governments and people at all levels, and the indomitable spirit of the Chinese dream to achieve the dream. Adhere to the dream and achieve

Chinese dream, Trinity dream. Persist, work hard, be grateful, and start again... The growth experience of Sany runs through many factors to realize the dream, the deep hope and support of governments and people at all levels, and the spirit of the "Chinese dream" of perseverance and dream achievement

In 1986, Liang Wengen and several young people with the dream of "serving the country through industry" resolutely resigned from public office and set up Maotang welding material factory in Lianyuan, starting a dream journey, which is also the predecessor of Sany group. In 1991, Lianyuan welding materials factory officially changed its name to Hunan Sany Group Co., Ltd. in 1994, it officially entered the construction machinery industry, testing various physical and mechanical properties of plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials for material development, and further achieved rapid development. Sany also went to the country and the world

"our only idea at that time was to integrate our personal destiny into the development of the country, not to waste our youth, and not to live up to this great time testing machine. How should we install it? Generation." Liang Wengen told that the entrepreneurial team of Sany has never been a simple community of interests, but a "dream team" and spiritual community guided by the great mission of "serving the country through industry". It is precisely because of this common feeling and pursuit that from entrepreneurship to self owned assets of 30billion, the market value of up to 150billion, the entrepreneurial shareholders of Sany basically did not reduce their holdings, did not give themselves dividends, and no one coveted enjoyment, withdrew funds and changed jobs, no one had a deposit abroad, and no one's children emigrated overseas

for more than 20 years, Sany group has adhered to the corporate purpose of "creating a first-class enterprise, cultivating first-class talents and making first-class contributions", and created a well-known "Sany" brand in the industry. Sany's concrete machinery, excavation machinery, piling machinery and crawler crane machinery have all become the first brands in China. Concrete pump trucks have fully replaced imports, and their production and sales volume have ranked first in the world for many consecutive years. Excavation machinery breaks the long-term monopoly pattern of foreign brands at one fell swoop, realizing the first domestic market share

at present, the annual sales volume of Sany group has reached more than 80billion yuan. In July, 2011, its listed company Sany Heavy Industry was listed in the FT Global 500 with a market value of US $21.584 billion, becoming the only Chinese machinery enterprise on the list. On April 6, 2013, the international authoritative media international construction (International Construction Magazine) released the list of the top 50 global construction machinery enterprises in 2013. Sany Heavy industry ranked fifth in the global construction machinery industry and ranked first among the Chinese enterprises on the list

along the way, Sany has never given up its dreams of "serving the country through industry" and "changing the world through quality". In the year of entrepreneurship, Liang Wengen and other partners' oath of "revitalizing national industry" has not been changed by using thermoplastic (such as PVC). It is also a dream that has achieved the persistence and efforts of Sany and the rise of a "made in China" banner

give back to the society and inherit the dream gene

"the responsibility of the state is greater than the interests of enterprises". Adhering to the business philosophy of "quality changes the world", Sany has been enthusiastic about social welfare for a long time, repay the society, and adhere to the "public, moral, and speech". The so-called "public service" means to create wealth for the society and carry social employment. Charity, disaster relief and student assistance are called "morality", while "speech" is a higher society. Sany should create a new mode of production, namely "Sany mode of production" - SPS

on June 10, 2005, Sany Heavy Industry successfully implemented the share reform. The "Sany share reform mode" of "sending shares + sending cash" was widely adopted later. It was praised by the market as "the first share of China's share reform" and recorded in the history of China's capital market. Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany, was selected as "2005 CCTV China economic person of the year" due to the share reform

since January 13, 2008, a sudden ice and snow disaster has plunged Hunan's traffic into a "semi paralyzed" state, trapping tens of thousands of vehicles and drivers in the Hunan section of Beijing Zhuhai expressway. Under the direction of chairman Liang Wengen, Sany carried out creative refitting of the grader and organized human, material and financial resources to fully participate in the action of "breaking the ice and ensuring smooth traffic". 23 motor graders, an innovative modification, 48 motor grader operators, worked hard for 10 days and 10 nights, reaching Yueyang, Hunan in the north, Guangxi in the south, starting from longhui, Shaoyang in the west, and reaching tanli section of Beijing Zhuhai Expressway in the East. The total ice breaking journey is 943 kilometers. At the same time, in order to support post disaster reconstruction, Sany also donated 3million yuan to the people in the disaster areas

after the earthquake on May 12, 2008, Sany group responded quickly and fully supported the earthquake relief. The 15million yuan of equipment and 3million yuan of cash donated by SANY to the disaster area were in place at the first time. The Sany rescue team led by Liang Zaizhong, Secretary of the Sany group Youth League Committee, also rushed to the disaster area at the first time to participate in the rescue work, and grabbed the lives under the ruins with the God of death. Then Yushu and Ya'an saw Sany people and sany equipment for the first time

not only that, Sany also insists on participating in major international events with an international mind and actively disseminates the image of made in China around the world

in the 2010 Chilean mining disaster, the Sanya Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., known as "the first crane in China", actively participated in the rescue, and won a wide international reputation for being made in China. During the Fukushima nuclear crisis in 2011, the 62 meter pump truck donated by SANY played an important role, once again confirming the strength of "made in China" and greatly improving the reputation of "made in China" in the world

"private enterprises are also Chinese enterprises. We rely on the Chinese nation to develop. Only by closely linking personal goals with the destiny of the country can we truly realize the self-worth of an entrepreneur." It is this belief that supports Liang Wengen and other Sany people to always remember gratitude, give back to the society, and spread the dream gene of Sany more and more widely

embark on a new journey of dreams in the wind

since April 2011, China's construction machinery industry has entered a period of adjustment for several years. When and how can we get out of the dilemma? There is a lot of pessimism in the industry

at the critical moment, Sany, as a leading enterprise in the industry, stood up again. First put forward the business policy of "one strength, two modernizations, three excellence, three construction and control", first put forward the principle of "one need and three don'ts" of "pursuing profitability and profitability, not blindly pursuing scale, not blindly pursuing seating, not blindly pursuing market share", and first implemented the strategy of "controlling risks, seizing opportunities, reducing costs, selecting people 5. Displacement measurement: resolution of 0.01mm talent", Sany chose to face the wind before the industry difficulties. Supporting Sany is still the dream of "serving the country with industry" and "changing the world with quality", and the indomitable spirit of Lou Shang

in 2013, Sany's rational and pragmatic operation has achieved further results. In the first three quarters, the company has significantly shown the characteristics of narrowing the decline in revenue scale, improving profitability, sharply decreasing expenses, positive cash flow, further strengthening the ability to resist risks, and the inflection point of bottoming out, and has always remained superior to the industry and the general trend

in the face of difficulties, Liang Wengen said that from 1989 to now, Sany has always been improving all the way, whether in politics, business performance or team cohesion. "Therefore, this adjustment is a necessary process for Sany. For a great company with continuous operation, this is a necessary education, exercise and experience. With the baptism of this process, I believe Sany will be stronger."

it is this indomitable spirit of toughness that has made an unbeatable Trinity. "China has never lacked large enterprises, but it needs to cultivate a number of real world-class enterprises." Now, Sany has become a silhouette for more and more foreigners to understand China, and a classic story for Chinese enterprises and Chinese people to realize the "Chinese dream". The ideal of serving the country through industry not only continues to promote Sany to expand and strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry and contribute a world-class equipment manufacturing brand to the country and the nation, but also encourages more Chinese enterprises to represent China to the world

"human beings are great because of dreams", which is the creed that Sany has always adhered to. Today, when the Chinese dream and the Sany dream are gradually clear, Sany, as a member of the Chinese nation, will continue to work hard and become a pioneer and inheritor of the dream

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