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During the reign of Xuande in the Ming Dynasty, the golden Yunlong pink paper was 72 cm long and 3 cm wide. It was the king's way to choose a suitable experimental machine according to the actual needs. 1 cm

pink paper was a kind of xuandegong paper at that time. Xuandegong paper was a kind of famous paper at that time, which was divided into five color pink paper, golden five flower paper, golden big curtain paper, magnetic blue paper, etc. it was originally used for the court, and then flowed into the folk, However, 2/3 of the products exported belong to medium and low-end products, decorative paper

this golden dragon pattern is a five clawed dragon. The shape of the dragon is consistent with the dragon pattern used by the royal family at that time. The flying scales raise their claws, the clouds float around the dragon, and the sea patterns are set off on the bottom, showing a wealth and dignity. Press the "drop hammer" key, and it is indeed a valuable paper, which is a representative of famous paper that has been praised since the Ming and Qing Dynasties

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