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The pinwang packaging material project invested by Wangwang group in Quzhou started yesterday

yesterday, the pinwang packaging material project invested by Wangwang group in Quzhou started in Quzhou economic development zone. Quzhou City leaders Zheng Zhanglin and Yu Chengzhong attended the commencement ceremony

it is reported that pinwang project is a packaging material project invested by Nanjing Packaging Material General Factory of Wangwang group in Quzhou Economic Development Zone, and it is the third project simulation analysis invested by Wangwang group in the development zone. The total investment of the project is 9million US dollars, the registered capital is 3million US dollars, and the world-class high-speed can making production line is introduced, with an annual output of milk cans of 2. 5% Relevant report data show that 800million sets, after putting into operation, the annual output value can reach 250million yuan. The settlement of the project will help the development zone to lengthen the industrial chain, cultivate green food clusters, and further strengthen the connection between Quzhou and foreign capital

information comes from the analysis of the development route of China's plastic granulator source: Zhejiang

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