Pioneer of the most volcanic New Zealand market

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Pioneer of Shantui New Zealand market

-- listen to Qiu Wenhong, general manager of equipment department of J company, tell the story of him and Shantui

Qiu Wenhong, general manager of equipment department of New Zealand J company. His enthusiasm for Shantui Huang began in 2015. Year after year, through the tacit cooperation with Shantui, he has gradually expanded his company to become the agent of Shantui in New Zealand

recalling the first cooperation between the two sides in 2015, President Qiu recalled: "it was a great product, a bulldozer with very stable working performance." At that time, the New Zealand market was basically dominated by caterpillar, Liebherr and other equipment. As a Chinese, he was very young in China and hoped to see Chinese brand products in the New Zealand market. The emergence of Shantui bulldozer brought him a glimmer of dawn. Shantui's excellent product quality, easy maintenance and ultra-high cost performance deeply captured his heart to decline crude steel production

with the continuous development of the local real estate industry in New Zealand, Qiu and his team have identified business opportunities and participated in more and more projects. In 2018, President Qiu established his own company: New Zealand J company, and their Shantui product series is also growing. In 2020, Qiu's mountain pushing equipment has included more than 20 mountain pushing equipment, including two full hydraulic bulldozers dh13c and dh17, road rollers sr10, sr12, sr08 and srd04, and a sg14 grader

the development of the company is not always smooth. In the past, in early 2020, in the process of using the equipment, users proposed improvements such as strengthening the front and rear mudguards of the roller according to the local super clay working conditions and safety requirements during construction. At that time, the factory had not resumed work during the epidemic period, and users were very anxious. After receiving the agency information, the US Australia Business Department of Shantui import and export company immediately fed back the problem to the business department of No. 2 main engine plant and the Research Institute. After several emergency video conferences, Shantui formulated solutions and improvement plans in a timely manner according to the needs of users, and the problem was finally solved. For the sake of insurance, Shantui also prepared for a rainy day and configured the equipment with an additional emergency stop switch. In the days after the improvement, the stable performance of the mountain roller and the timeliness of the equipment improvement plan met the working conditions of users and won praise from users

"They can always provide excellent product support. No matter what type of equipment it is, we can always get good service. Shantui has specially assigned an experienced service staff to us. We can coordinate and solve any problems at any time, and their parts supply is also very rapid. At present, we have established Shantui parts warehouse for copper alloy in 3.5.2. If there are no required parts in the warehouse, the factory will ship them by air , being able to rush 4 samples here at the first time will basically not delay the customer's construction period. " President Qiu answered with satisfaction

president Qiu also added that "Shantui, a brand, can bring more potential commercial value to agents". At present, Shantui brand is developing rapidly. Relying on Shandong heavy industry group and supported by the group's gold industry chain advantages, it will comprehensively develop comprehensive engineering supporting services integrating push, road, loading, excavation and transportation, deeply analyze the simple product needs, and provide an integrated supporting construction plan. For Shantui agents, this can not only create business relationships that maintain high-quality performance, but also bring business relationships with change and innovation

due to the diversity of Shantui construction machinery and the excellent local service team, Qiu's company reached an intentional purchase contract for more than 30 equipment in the last few months of 2020, adding fuel to the growth of the agency company

after the new year, with the further stabilization of the epidemic, local construction in New Zealand will gradually recover. With the high-quality completion of these construction projects participated by Shantui machinery, Shantui products will further expand their influence in overseas markets and play a more important role as national brands

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