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Beating the new "drum" of industrial development, Pingxiang bioplastics presented a gift to "environmental protection China"

in April this year, CCTV's "ingenuity" column group "entered Jiangxi hors Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd." conducted a three-day shooting work to comprehensively introduce hors from the aspects of production technology and product development. It was publicly reported to the world in July

Jiangxi, China - Pingxiang headline news Peng Qiusheng and WAN Bingquan reported: when it comes to plastics, everyone knows that they have penetrated into all aspects of our lives. With the massive use of plastic products, plastic waste has accumulated more and more, causing great harm to the environment. Everyone is also looking forward to the launch of a kind of green and environmentally friendly bioplastics that can be completely reduced. However, on August 18, it was learned from Pingxiang economic and Technological Development Zone that Jiangxi Holls Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. declared war on "white pollution", boldly reformed and innovated, and developed a bioplastics with "polylactic acid (PLA)" as the raw material, so that the products can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water after being used and discarded

the problem of "white pollution" has always been the focus and difficulty in the field of environment

it is noted that plastic, since its invention at the beginning of the 20th century, has been rapidly and widely used, and has made great contributions to the development of industry and agriculture and the convenience of people's lives from industry, agriculture to all aspects of people's lives. However, with the passage of time, the disadvantages of plastics are also increasingly apparent: first, price. As plastics are transformed from oil and natural gas, the price of plastics is also rising today when oil resources are becoming increasingly tight and prices are rising; The second is the harm to human body. People are used to using plastic products to contain water or food. When exposed to high temperature and acid, alkali and salt corrosion, toxic substances will be released, causing certain harm to human body; Third, the impact on the environment. Current plastic garbage bags Plastic packaging and foam fillers are responsible for "white pollution" "The primary culprit of biodegraded plastics, its treatment has always been the focus and difficulty in the field of environment.

GAO wanqin, chairman of Jiangxi hors Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the children's tableware produced with biodegradable plastics to Wei Qi, general manager of Shanghai Hexi Trading Co., Ltd.

biodegraded plastic products are beneficial to the country and the people, and the market demand is explosive, so the temperature drift has a minimum impact on growth.

biodegradable materials are applied to agricultural mulch and plastic greenhouses 。 After the material is damaged and discarded, it can be mixed into the soil, and then it can be naturally degraded and integrated into the nutrients of the soil for a period of time; Forestry: Seedling packaging materials. After the seedlings are developed and shaped, the packaging materials can be buried in the soil together with the seedlings; Daily necessities: food packaging bags, catering utensils (cups, plates, bottles, bowls, spoons, straws) and other durable or disposable articles. The applicable temperature is between -30 ℃ and 120 ℃. They can be recycled and reused, and can also be buried in the soil for degradation. When burning, they do not produce black smoke and toxic gases; Packaging foaming materials: instead of polystyrene foaming materials widely used in the current market, it is widely used in light industry, electronics, household appliances, precision instruments, packaging cushioning materials; Various parts: it can manufacture auto parts, electronic parts, medical supplies, stationery, toys, etc

biodegradable materials are promoting low carbon. Do you dare to live? The economy will play an important role. With the increasingly serious problems of oil resource shortage and environmental pollution, it is urgent to find an effective way to gradually replace petroleum plastics with renewable resources and degradable materials. The development of low-carbon economy will bring new development opportunities for biodegradable materials, and the demand of biodegradable material market will increase explosively

enterprise transformation and upgrading ring the new "drum" of industrial development.

Pingxiang ranks in western Jiangxi, opening the door to Hunan and Jiangxi and strangling the throat of Wu and Chu. Pingxiang got its name from the fact that King Zhao of Chu crossed the river and obtained Pingshi. It belonged to Yuzhang County in ancient times. It was established as a county in the second year of wubaoding in the Three Kingdoms, with a history of more than 1700 years. With thousands of years of rich literary style, Pingxiang has been known as the "cultural fortress of western Jiangxi" for its outstanding people and talents since ancient times. In this beautiful city, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises rings the new "drum" of industrial development. A high-tech enterprise named Jiangxi hors Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed bioplastics, and the products can be completely degraded after being used and discarded. Domestic and foreign merchants have come to visit and sign orders

According to Gao wanqin, chairman of Jiangxi hores Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the company was founded in 2012 and is located in Wanxin national new material industry demonstration base in Pingxiang economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 65 mu. A total investment of 180million yuan is planned to form 12 highly automated production lines, which can produce 58000 tons of biodegradable materials and products per year. The company continues to pursue scientific and technological innovation and development. Sucrose or glucose obtained from sugarcane, sugar beet, cassava, chaff and other herbs is further converted into lactic acid, and finally forms polylactic acid (PLA), which is mainly used in medicine, human organs and other fields. It designs to produce household products without plasticizer, heavy metals and toxic chemicals, bisphenol A, petroleum resources and food contact safety, Popularize it to all aspects of people's life. Abandon the use of traditional petrochemical plastic products, bring people a new life experience, create a healthy, safe, low-carbon, environmentally friendly living environment, and achieve the natural cycle that the products can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water after use

"our company has made great progress in the variety development and property problems of biodegradable materials. 2. The main motor source of the ring stiffness experimental machine has power, but the equipment can not move up and down. It is the first time in Jiangxi. The company has carried out technical cooperation with East China University of science and technology and Nanchang aviation university. The product research and development has independent intellectual property rights, obtained national patents and inventions, and formed a unique series of BMS products." Gaowanqin said that the environmental degradable biological plastic products independently developed and produced by the company, such as children's tableware series, natural lactic acid multifunctional health care water cup, lunch box series, environmental protection tableware series, natural lactic acid small color cup, natural lactic acid mug, PLA lunch box, environmental protection lunch box, health exclusive water cup, have been tested according to astmd6866 standard of beat scientific laboratory in the United States and meet the requirements of reducing carbon emissions; Through SGS heavy metal and toxic substances testing, it fully meets the performance index requirements of food packaging and industrial products materials, and has obtained the EU food contact safety testing qualification certificate. At present, the products have been sold well in European and American markets, and many large group companies have signed orders in China. "

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